Travel Restrictions in Russia Post- Corona Pandemic


Covid-19 has not only affected the lives of many but also changed our way of thinking, way of living, way of moving independently and exploring the world, with many more affected areas changing our way of living. However; apart from losing our loved ones, one thing that has affected many travel lovers is the restrictions imposed in various countries due to the pandemic.

If you are also a travel lover, planning to go to the Russian Federation, our up-to-date travel advice will help you to travel to the Russian Federation with full guidelines and safety measures.

Before we put a light on other safety guidelines, it is once again important to say- That each and every passenger must wear a face mask at all times on the flight. The face masks cover the mouth and nose of the passenger. Passengers, either due to any problem, or advised by the doctor to avoid masks, are not allowed to board the flight. Nitsa Holidays regularly updates information related to Covid-19 guidelines to maintain a high degree of accuracy and safety for its customers.

It is to be noted that Covid-19 guidelines are subject to change, and may vary from time to time. Let us know about the safety guidelines of the Russian government for passengers traveling to Russia and transiting through Russia.

Passengers traveling to and transiting through Russia are subject to several restrictions. These are:

Russian nationals arriving in the Russian Federation in international flights must fill out a questionnaire on the Public Services Portal prior to departure and then take a one-time laboratory Covid-19 PCR test within three calendar days of their date of arrival to clear quarantine control at entry points on the Russian Federation’s state border. Passengers must remain in quarantine until they receive a negative test result at their place of residence (stay). If the individual has been vaccinated against Covid-19 in the last 12 months or can provide documentary proof of recovery from Covid-19 in the last 6 months, no laboratory Covid-19 PCR test is necessary.

The results of the laboratory Covid-19 PCR test, as well as information about having recovered from the disease or vaccination, must be entered into the Public Services Portal (PSP) using the form Data about Test Results, Disease Exposure, or Covid-19 Vaccination for arrivals to the Russian Federation. About the basis of data collected from the centralized state healthcare information system, information on having recovered from the disease or vaccination against Covid-19 must be placed on the PSP in an electronic format.

Celebration Time for Travellers and places to visit

If one were to travel to Russia now, it would appear that the pandemic has passed. Crowds of people roam the streets, visit tourist attractions and cafes, resorts and the seashore are overcrowded, and concerts and conferences are already being held in some areas. Social distancing, Masks, temperature checks, closed offices, remote work, and study still shows the restrictions imposed in Russia due to Covid-19. Despite all this, the Russian federation has partially opened tourist places for visitors to plan their tours.

Places to visit in Russia

Mountains, valleys, cold areas and warm sands, and an astounding number of wonderful natural locations await tourists to the world’s largest country. Moscow and St. Petersburg, two of Russia’s oldest cities, retain their imperial splendor, which can be seen not only in their architecture but also in their gorgeous parks, shopping malls, and even metro stations.

Let us know about some of the amazing places to visit in Russia, where you can enjoy leaving all your worries and Covid-19 horrible memories.

  • Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is difficult to beat when it comes to breaking records. With a maximum depth of 1,642 meters and an estimated age of 25 million years, this gigantic high-altitude rift lake in Siberia is the world’s oldest and deepest lake. Baikal is also the world’s largest freshwater lake, with about 20% of the world’s freshwater.

In the summer, kayaking, boat trips, and island hopping to find shorelines and beaches are popular activities on Lake Baikal. Visitors can cross-country ski cross-sections of the lake and visit the frozen Tazheran steppes cave in the winter when the lake freezes over.

  • Moscow

Because most international planes arrive in Moscow or at least stop there, you should arrange your vacation so that you have at least a few hours to tour the city. Russia’s capital is a beautiful combination of lush nature, spectacular nature, and numerous historical relics from a bygone era.

  • St. Petersburg

Although smaller than Moscow, St. Petersburg has so much to offer that seeing it all in one day is often impossible. St. Petersburg, in comparison to Moscow, has a more European vibe, with beautiful art and excellent design features mingling with history at every turn.

Enjoy a beautiful overdose of white and gold colors at Moika Palace (particularly famous for being the site of Rasputin’s assassination) and the Neoclassical, 19th century St. Isaac’s Cathedral, which is now a Russian Orthodox museum.

  • Altay

From Russia to China, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia, the Altay Mountains run through Siberia. It is a popular tourist site for both locals and visitors. It was traditionally populated by many ethnic groups active in horse husbandry and forestry. The Altay Mountains are part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site that includes a variety of natural reserves and lakes.

Apart from these, there’s a lot to explore in Russia that includes:

  • Sochi
  • The Russian Tundra
  • Peterhof
  • Olkhon Island

We warmly welcome, book your ticket too with Nitsa Holidays for Russia and discover destinations.


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