Top beach destinations in India, you would not like to miss


As the holidays and the New Year approach, it’s time for the annual celebrations to begin all over again. Time flies when you have fun, and even when you are not having much fun, time flies in that case too. This year, we were surrounded by the devastating nature of the pandemic, but the year is almost over and the New Year is approaching.

There can be nothing best then planning your New Year with your family and that too while enjoying sunbath at beach. After a yearlong run to earn the bread our body and mind need to relax, all we need is a beautiful beach getaway. The burning sun rays that fall right on the sea bed, the beautiful sand that fills the entire beach area and the ocean waves smacking your feet are the best things about beaches. Well, it’s a combination of all three of them that enhances the attractiveness of Indian beaches and makes them appear more natural. This attracts visitors who want to get away from the chaos and hustle and bustle of the cities and listen to the crashing waves of some of India’s top beaches.

Top beach destinations in India

  • Goa

Go Goa, when you have beach in mind. Goa undoubtedly is one of the best beach spots where you can see people sunbathing, swimming, parasailing, or relaxing making you feel the most comfortable place to relax and forget all your worries. Long stretches of busy beaches, late-night parties, delectable cuisines, or water sports activities, Goa has everything a beach lover could desire. It also has some good quality of fairly peaceful beaches for those who like to avoid the rush and bustle of the beach.

Best Time to visit Goa

The best months to visit are mid-November to mid- February, when the weather is nice and relaxing. If you want to enjoy off-season deals and have a pocket-friendly vacation, March through May is the time to go. However, whatever be the time you visit to Goa, you will never regret for your money invested. This is due to the fact that there are fewer tourists during this period.

  • Somnath Beach,  West Gujarat

The Somnath beach and the temple of the same name are both worth visiting.Because of the high waves pounding into the beach and the temple, it is not a safe site for swimmers.Early in the morning, joggers can enjoy the length of grey sand.

Sunset is a beautiful time to look out over the Arabian Sea later in the day, when the temperatures are cooler.Families can have a picnic during the day, with the cool air helping to moderate heat.

  • Paradise Beach, Pondicherry

Pondicherry’s Paradise Beach is a fantastic mix of golden sand and turquoise blue water. It is also known as the Chunnambar and is only accessible by boat from the mainland. Despite its remote location, this beach attracts a big number of families and other tourist groups since it is great for very awesome beach fun, sports, and relaxing. Paradise Beach is a great place for an enjoyable family beach holiday because of the calm waves where even the little ones may safely play.


Whether you are looking for visiting the peaceful beach in India or the beach with the most attractions and bustle as well as sports adventures on offer, you are sure to find one or more of the awesome beaches in India best suited to your choice from the list, or you can also choose from other blogs on Nitsa Holidays. Is your budget, the only thing stooping you contact Nitsa Holidays to get your customized package.


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