Top 5 Famous Tourist Attractions in Bali, Indonesia


Bali is blessed with world class tourist attractions. Bali is one of the top destination to visit and explore the paradise on earth, It is also called as the “The Island of the Gods”. Top famous tourist attractions in Bali to pay a visit and make your Bali holiday trip remarkable. Ancient temples, Caves, golden beaches, stunning silver waterfalls and shopping are the main attractions of Bali. It is also considered to be the favorite destination of honeymooners. 

Explore Beaches, ancient temples, tradition and culture of Bali with given below top 5 famous tourist attractions of Bali. 

1. Pura Tanah Lot: 

Tanah Lot is one of the romantic island located in the center of the ocean. This is the must visit place in Bali. The name Tanah Lot reflect the name itself as Tanah means Land in the sea. If you are planning to explore the culture and tradition of Balinese then you must have to pay a visit to this beautiful island of Bali.

2. Uluwatu Temple:

 Uluwatu is second the most famous place in Bali to visit which is stands 70m above the sea. The Uluwatu comes from ulu, meaning ‘Lands end and “watu” means “rock”. It is widely famous for monkey population. It is one of the top famous tourist attractions of Bali, You can visit this ancient temple in the evening time to catch the sunset view with closer.

3. Mount Batur:

 Bali is not only about beaches and historical temples, there are lots of adventurous things to do in Bali to make your journey filled with unique experience. Mount Batur is the name of one of them. If you want to see the beautiful view of sunset with closer then Motur Batur – the famous volcanoes of Bali is one of the best choice. 

4. Seminyak Beach:

 Seminyak beach is one of the ideal beach of Bali to spend quality time with your loved one located in Kuta. Kuta is widely famous for nightlife of Bali. Here you can experience the unique clubs, live music & amazing resorts. Let’s book bali holiday tour packages with Nitsa Holidays and make your trip memorable.

5. The Nusa Islands:

  If you want to explore the Bali which is ideal destination of sountheast Asia with no crowed then Nusa Islands is the place where you feel relaxable and peaceful. Nusa Island, is a quick boat ride away. Caves and Bird century and diving are the top things to do here.  This is the famous three islands about 20km offshore from sanur, you can reach here by boat. 


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