Things to do in Shimla on your next visit


Shimla, India’s most popular hill station requires no introduction. For years, people have been drawn to the area by its lush foliage, pleasant atmosphere, and snow-capped slopes. Shimla, the Queen of Hills, offers more than you can handle in terms of activities and places to explore.

But, before we go over the greatest things to do in Shimla, let’s go over some crucial information that will assist you in planning your vacation to this lovely hill station. Your holidays in Shimla can take you on a variety of adventures, snow-filled enjoyment, long walks with your partner or family, and fantastic shopping opportunities. This article is a must-read by Nitsa Holidays if you are planning a trip to Shimla. Continue reading to learn more activities to do in Shimla:

  • Enjoy the Toy Train Ride: One of the greatest ways to relieve your childhood while soaking up Himachal Pradesh’s old-world charm is to ride the Shimla Toy Train. This 2-foot-6 inch narrow- gauge railway goes through some of the most beautiful scenery, deodar and oak forests, and tiny stations that seem to have been frozen in time. Set out a few hours of your Shimla vacation to visit this more than 100-year-old UNESCO World Heritage Site. And here’s the best part: this 96-kilometer journey will take you across over 800 bridges and viaducts, as well as 100+ tunnels.
  • Shopping at Lakkar Bazaar: Looking for something to do late at night in Shimla? Shopping in Lakkar Bazar is one of them. When the sun sets below the horizon in the evening, Lakkar Bazar takes on a completely different appearance. Some of the greatest woodwork objects may be seen throughout the lengthy stretch of shops on either side. Aside from relics, winter wear can be purchased for a very low price. It’s a great spot to pick up souvenirs and small gifts for friends and family.
  • Skiing in Kufri, one of the best experiences to take in Shimla: Kufri is a beautiful hill station whose name comes from the local word “Kufr,” which means “lake”. If you are looking for locations to see in Shimla, this is one that you should not overlook. Due to the vast slopes and spectacular vistas, it is well-known for ski runs. If you visit during the winter season, you will see skiers from all over the world enjoying their time on the slopes.
  • Ice Skating: The Shimla Ice Skating Club, which is approaching 100 years old, is home to the country’s only open-air, naturally created skating rink. You may rent skates and sign up for training lessons on the premises. Throughout the year, the site holds a variety of carnivals, events, and competitions, so keep an eye on the Shimla calendar. A visit to the skating rink is, without a doubt, one of the nicest things to do in Shimla with your family and children.

Show off your talents at the open-air ice skating rink. Thousands of visitors visit the rink each year in pursuit of an unforgettable ice skating experience. The ice is made using a process taught to the Garhwali highlanders by the British. It is shaded by the densely forested hillside, and the cold winter temperatures keep it from melting.

  • Chadwick Waterfall: Looking for something to do better in Shimla? Visiting Chadwick Falls is one of the most well-known Shimla activities. Chadwick Waterfall is a prominent tourist attraction in Shimla, located in the Glen Forests. The falls, which flow from a height of 1586 meters, are flanked by pine and deodar trees and carry chilly Himalayan water. From summer Hill, you can either hike or drive to the falls.

In any case, the scenery is breathtaking. It’s also a popular site for picnics and day campers, as well as a source of water for local wildlife. So, unless you want to see a leopard, it’s best to leave before sunset.

Shimla, India’s dearest and most well-known hill station offer mesmerizing landscapes, kind hospitality, exhilarating winter sports, and good climatic conditions, to name a few. It’s a site where adrenaline seekers can get their dose, but the city’s various attractions also appeal to nature lovers, history lovers, and lone travelers. There are numerous things to do once you check into your Shimla hotels by contacting Nitsa Holidays, from trekking, hiking, and camping to sightseeing and ice skating.


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