The Maldives reopened from 15-July as covid wave Decline


Talk of one of the most preferred locations in Asia for a quick getaway, and all the hands go pointing towards the Maldives unanimously! And that holds an interesting reason behind it too!

Maldives is a country, comprised of around 1200 small and large islands, located in the serene deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Be it the jewel coral reefs, or the enchanting white-sand beaches, Maldives has everything to offer to you and makes for a perfect serene getaway with your loved ones.

Not too far from India, a short flight of around 5 hours is all it takes to take you from the confines of your home to the beaches of Maldives. Another thing going in favour of Maldives is its affordability. While not being too heavy on your pocket, Maldives is the perfect recipe for an affordable getaway with your near and dear ones.

Why opt for a vacation in Maldives?

While there are numerous reasons going in favour of your dream vacation to be spent in Maldives, we’ll illustrate some of them here:

  • Blissfully serene: At Maldives, all you get to see is beauty. Be it the islands, or the velvet feel of the white sand on the beaches, or the composing sound of the waves of the deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean crashing up on the shore, you’ll be in for one of the best experiences in your life at Maldives.
  • Affordable: For all the worth that Maldives provides to you by its serenity and beauty, what you spend is peanuts! Maldives gives the maximum bang for your buck and won’t leave you a sweat thinking about the finances.
  • Proximity to India: Located southwest of India in the Indian Ocean, Maldives is not really as far as it is perceived from India. From the major north Indian airports, it’ll be a maximum of a 5-hour direct flight to Maldives, and even less when we talk of major southern and western cities of India such as Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, and the likes.

All of these factors clubbed together make up enough reasons to immediately plan your next vacation in the Maldives.

Post-Covid regulations at Maldives

It’s true, getting out in nature is essential, but we must not forget that the corona virus has not left us for good yet. After the disastrous second wave of Covid, Maldives is reopened for tourists from 15-JULY-2021 with some rules and regulation, which are compulsory for every tourist to follow.

So, Before heading out for a vacation at Maldives, let us have a look at the post covid regulations set up by the Maldivian government for all the tourists:

  • All the tourists, apart from children less than 1-year-old and infants, need to produce a negative RT-PCR report upon arrival.
  • All tourists need to submit a declaration 24 hours prior to embarking on their journey.
  • All the tourists who have taken 2 vaccine shots before 2 weeks of travel are exempted from the mandatory travel quarantine.

After all, for all the experience the Maldives offers, the covid regulations need to be followed at any cost.

Experiences at Maldives

Apart from the calmness of beaches and the tenderness that the greenery induces, there is a plethora of another activity which should not be missed at any chance to enhance your experience at Maldives. Some of the splendid experiences have been listed below:

  • Scuba Diving: Seeing the marine life by being a part of that very ecosystem is an experience not many get to feel. Maldives, gives this perfect opportunity to you, by providing proper guidance and training to teach the know-hows of Scuba Diving and making you experience the world under the deep blue sea.
  • Underwater Experiences: Having a meal with your loved ones, under the ocean. Sounds pretty amazing, right? Well, it is in all of its possibilities at the Maldives with underwater restaurants giving you a once-in-a-lifetime experience of a meal with sharks around you.
  • Local Cuisine: Apart from the sea waters, Maldives has a diverse local culture of it’s own, and a chance to experience Maldivian life is not to be missed. Get your hands on many lip-smacking local delicacies and a feel of the local lifestyle of Maldives, to carry a load full of memories back home.

Famous Islands at Maldives

Maldives in it’s entirety is comprised of around 1,200 small and large maldives islands and looking at this magnitude, it is practically quite impossible for one to experience all of the islands at once. But, there are some handpicked Islands for you which you should definitely consider visiting:

  • Kandolhu Island: The crystal clear coral reefs at the Kandolhu Islands, complemented by the luxurious sea-facing villas on velvet beaches, are too irresistible to be missed as an experience with your loved one.
  • Biyadhoo Island: For the ones seeking calm and a retreat from the hustle of the world, Biyadhoo Island is the place to head to, given it’s proximity to nature and relaxed set up, it will give an experience of a lifetime!
  • Niyama Private Island: Heading out with the family? Niyama Island is the place to head to given the resorts of amenities available for people of all age groups as well as the splendid choice of experiences on offer, Niyama Private Island does not leave anything to complain about!

With enough literature said for the praises of Maldives, how can you be still unsure of your next vacation there?

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