Must-visit destinations in Kerala for Tourists


Kerala sits at the throne claiming to be the best choice amongst tourists for its serene beauty and experience on offer. Kerala attracts a huge number of tourists as well for so much on offer, leave alone the domestic tourists. Be it the exotic heritage, or the lush greenery. Be it the delicious cuisine or the scintillating backwaters, Kerala doesn’t leave an avenue to be the best place in India to spend your time and take back memories for life.

Be it the advantageous and convenient location, or the ease of access of the location, Kerala stands with all arms wide open welcoming you to engulf yourself in the serenity of the state and take you to the enchanting experience of what is rightly called, “The God’s Own Country”.


Kerala is a state in the Southern part of India, situated at the western coast of the country on the edge of the Arabian Sea. Kerala shares its state border with Tamil Nadu on the east and Karnataka in the immediate North. This gives excellent road connectivity to Kerala from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Goa, and Maharashtra. For the states up North and in the Eastern region of the country, Kerala offers excellent connectivity by rail and air modes throughout the year.


The average climate in Himachal Pradesh throughout the year is generally pleasant. The average maximum temperature in Kerala peaks at 36 degrees Celsius in summers while the maximum temperature in Kerala is around 28 degrees Celsius during the winters. The pleasant weather is another reason why Kerala stays on the top priority of tourists while planning a trip in India. Kerala also hosts the onset of the monsoon season in India and experiences heavy rainfall during the season.


Kerala is home to a number of tourist-friendly destinations. Let us talk in detail about the must-visit destinations in Kerala if you are planning a tour to Kerala.

  • Kannur: Kannur, located in Northern Kerala, offers splendid views of the Arabian Sea from the breathtaking beaches of the place. Kannur also hosts exclusive seafood and is a must to spend a night in Kannur if you wish to be at peace. Kannur is accessible by all modes of transports and thus has easy connectivity to the other parts of the state and the country.
  • Wayanad: Wayanad, also located in Northern Kerala, is a major hot spot for tourist attractions in Kerala. The numerous lakes in Wayanad and the numerous treks that you can indulge yourself into are all available in Wayanad. Wayanad also offers Jeep Safaris to indulge you in the lap of nature and bring you close to the wildlife.
  • Cochin/Kochi: Kochi is one of the most popular tourist spots of Kerala, and due to its proximity to Ernakulam, is well connected to the entire country as well as international destinations. You can explore the numerous cafes, churches, art galleries, and the market in Cochin before heading out to other parts of the state.
  • Munnar: Munnar is known for its lush green tea gardens spread across acres and acres of land. Some hours spent here are enough to rejuvenate your entire self and don’t miss trying the different varieties of tea available here in Munnar.
  • Backwaters: The ultimate reason why you must be in Kerala! The backwaters of Kerala offer you an experience that is unmatched and unparalleled. One cannot expect natural exposure of such an extent and with so much closeness anywhere else in the country. Kerala Backwaters must be the priority to visit for you.
  • Alappuzha (Alleppey): To the people who wish to experience both, the greenery, as well as the exposure to lovely beaches along the Arabian Sea, Alleppey is the place which offers the best of both worlds to them. You can spend your time walking peacefully on the beach in the morning and can explore the backwaters in the evening.

Bottom line

Kerala, with so much on offer, is no doubt the most irresistible place in India for a tourist. Coupled with such amazing weather and amazing connectivity throughout the state, you must not waste a chance to visit Kerala, and should definitely consider visiting the place if your next trip is on the cards.


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