Maldives exciting packages with Resorts and a to-do list


Maldives is the epitome of natural beauty, with its glittering white sands, boundless expanses of turquoise ocean waves, vivid coral reefs, and secluded lagoons. You have the ultimate seaside holiday when you combine an engaging mix of adventure activities, a visit to the colourful undersea world, and some of the world’s most pristine beaches. The wide milieu of tourist resorts on this island country, catering to every type of traveller, is the icing on the cake.

The Maldives, a tropical island nation in the Indian Ocean, is located southwest of India and Sri Lanka. Maldives attracts all types of people, from families to friend groups, single travellers’ to newlyweds, thanks to its beautiful beaches, coral reefs, tranquil azure waters, and exhilarating water activities. When it comes to vacations, Maldives tour packages by Nitsa Holidays ensure that travellers enjoy the time of their lives.

Let us check out some of the top luxury packages for travel lovers

  • There is nothing best for luxury seekers than Ayada Maldives

3N 4D package

Ayada Maldives is a five-star luxury resort located over 15 hectares of virgin scenery on the southern rim of Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll, in the midst of a big reef. The premium resort is intended to allow you to take in the stunning Maldivian landscape while relaxing in the lap of natural greenery. The pampering begins as soon as clients arrive at Male’s Velana International Airport, where they are greeted by airport staff and directed to the airport lounge, where they can relax while all of their travel requirements are handled. 

While you are on a trip to the Maldives, you have a lot to see and enjoy at Maldives sandbanks and Island Shapes

Nature shapes some of the Islands in the Maldives, isn’t it interesting to see? During monsoons, seasonal currents carry their sand away and then bring it back. Some sandbanks vanish, while others appear.

What makes Maldives one of the best choices for honeymoon seekers?

  • Try out the special honeymoon 4N 5D at Paradise Island Resort and Spa

Paradise Island Resort, located in the North Male’ Atoll and just a few kilometers from Velana International Airport, is one of the most stunning luxury resorts in the Maldives. Velana International Airport is about 9 kilometers distant from this resort. A beautiful bank of pearl-white sand surrounds the island. This island’s tropical island flora is very stunning. The clean waters that surround the island’s beaches are another feature of this island.

For honeymoon seekers, it is really a paradise, with super romantic sceneries. The island has everything that combines together to make your honeymoon memorable. From swimming pool, massage center, steam bath to the in-house bar there is nothing left in the perfect honeymoon to-do list.

Underwater cabinet meeting

However; the motive behind the underwater cabinet meeting was to create awareness and put a light on the threat of global –warming in the Maldives, the underwater cabinet meeting by the Maldives government was still a mesmerizing fact that excites visitors. First time in history underwater cabinet meeting was fixed and thus suits and ties were replaced by oxygen tanks and scuba gear.

  • A budget size that suits all

With a budget package by Nitsa Holidays that suits all, vacations at the Maldives will find you and you will find one of the best times of your life. To make sure, the price drop in your vacation at the Maldives doesn’t mean you are going to miss fun activities or other amenities. On some islands like Fun Island resort and Spa, you have got several reasons to enjoy like mini bar, a private sitting area, and sunbeds. Try your hand at volleyball in the evening, or table- tennis at the resort premises.


  • COMO Cocoa Island
  • Halaveli Island
  • Sun Island
  • Male
  • Alimatha Island
  • Banana Reef
  • Artificial Beach

The best reason to visit the Maldives

The best reason to visit the Maldives is that it has something new every time, you visit here, thus; ensuring you don’t feel like your time and amount invested in the Maldives, were not worth it. The Maldives is a tourist spot that has something for everyone on every budget. So, next time you wish to plan a vacation whether solo, family, or honeymoon contact Nitsa Holidays to get the best out of your vacation.


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