Honeymoon destinations in Maldives and Dubai – Explore the best packages


Nitsa Holidays have always been concerned about the happiness and well-being of the masses. We believe every day is a new start and that new start becomes more interesting when we have a special occasion to cherish for. In our previous blog, we had discuss about destination wedding places in India, and what after wedding? A wedding is incomplete, until it is followed by honeymoon. We planned your wedding in India; now let us plan your honeymoon either in Maldives or in Dubai.

Why to choose the Maldives for honeymoon?

Romantic resorts in Maldives can provide the ideal setting for your honeymoon or romantic holiday on the island. When compared to conventional resort rooms, the resorts typically provide more space and a greater sense of seclusion, making them ideal for couples wishing to spend quality time together.

Top resorts in Maldives for memorable honeymoon

  • Constance Moofushi

Constance Moofushi’s honeymoon package is designed to make your all-inclusive stay a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience. Star studded dinner, a romantic movie on the beach, stunning sunset view, or just relaxing with your better half in the shade of coconut trees while shipping an unusual beverage. At Constance Moofushi, you can spend your honeymoon in variety of ways.

Constance Moofushi is a one-of-a-kind resort with a remarkable soul. All of the villas are built and designed in natural tones that complement the stunning scenery.

  • Banana Reef

The Banana Reef in the North Male Atoll is another fascinating place to visit. As the name implies, you will observe dense foliage of banana plantations all around you, as well as a variety of fauna that thrives here. Wait! Wait! This is not the only beauty what the Maldives offers to newlyweds, the location is also recognized for its scuba diving opportunities, that will let you stun and swoon the moment you step into water with your partner. You, your partner, and the beauty of nature.

The incredible underwater sights you will experience when you go to scuba diving here will take your breath away. The Banana Reef is one of the top honeymoon destinations in the Maldives.

The other places to choose for honeymoon are:

  • Tsunami Monument
  • Alimatha Aquatic Resort
  • Hurawalhi Island Resort
  • Sun Siyam Olhuveli

Dubai- The paradise for honeymoon couples

Incredible architecture, modern elegance, adventure, opulence, and an unforgettable romantic experience! Couples planning their honeymoon in Dubai will have the chance to experience all these.

  • The Palm Resort

Anantara the Palm Dubai Resort, which is situated on the world-famous Palm Jumeirah just off the coast of Dubai, has 400 metres of private beach with panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf. Enjoy a private retreat from the beach while remaining close to the action in town. Float on the water, with lagoon access accommodations and only above-water villas in the UAE.

  • Burj Khalifa and the nearby attractions in Dubai

World’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, cannot go un-noticed when you are in Dubai. From both inside and outside, the view of the Burj is breathtaking. Inside, there are multiple hotels, restaurants, luxury suites, offices, and stores, as well as observation decks on various floors from which to enjoy the city’s stunning views. These terraces are accessible from the Dubai Mall’s lower level.

Why honeymoon should be special?

A honeymoon is a time for you and your partner to bond, relax, celebrate as a couple, reflect on your relationship, and plan for the future. Your honeymoon is one of the most memorable times you’ll have as a couple. It establishes the tone for how a couple respects one another and paves the way for married joy.


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