Facts why Kerala is called “God’s own country”?


Kerala located in India’s south-western region is commonly referred to as “God’s own country.” The lush green breathtaking scenery and crystal clear beaches that will leave you speechless have earned this wonderful land the title of paradise. Kerala has a lot to offer tourists and travelers, thanks to its natural beauty and ecological diversity.

Kerala, God’s own country, offers a plethora of exciting activities that you should not miss! Here’s a guide to a Kerala tour package by Nitsa Holidays designed just for first-time visitors who wish to see some of the state’s most popular sights, as well as a few additional helpful hints. Kerala is without a doubt one of India’s most beautiful states, stretching along the tropical Malabar Coast and boasting everything from extensive beaches and gorgeous backwaters to exotic nature and a rich tradition.

Meaning of God’s own country

God’s own country is a phrase that was first mention to describe the Wicklow Mountains and is now most widely used to refer to Yorkshire. It has also been used to refer or mention Surrey, Australia, the United States, New Zealand, Kerala, Cornwall, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Take a look at the given below list on ways to how to explore “God’s own country.”

  • Tea Mountains

The plant that lends the area around the hill station town of Munnar, in east Kerala, its notably vivid shade of green is the plant behind another beverage. The steep hillsides of this area of the Western Ghats region are covered with around 60,000 acres of tea plantations, which were planted by the British in the late 19th century.

Tea bushes cover the slopes in huge swaths, like a beautiful emerald carpet. The tea pickers’ routes, which are thin pathways between the bushes, lead to patterned grooves that highlight the landscape, seeming from afar as if some godlike cartographer had written contour lines onto the mountain slopes.

  • Backwaters Cruise

       The backwaters are a must-see on any vacation to Kerala. A houseboat trip feels like a journey into another world because of the lush palm-fringed scenery, diverse wildlife, and backwater-line dwellings and communities. It is, without a doubt, a relaxing activity that can be incorporated into a romantic holiday. Book a hotel or homestay along the road to immerse yourself in the community around these inland lagoons, lakes, and rivers.

  • Climate of Kerala

Kerala is a tropical state on the west coast of India, along the Arabian Sea’s shore. The rainy season lasts 120 to 140 days out of 365 days in a year. The rainiest months are June, July, and August. Geographically, Kerala is blessed with a humid and tropical environment, making it an all-year destination. The greatest season to visit Kerala is in the winter, from September to March when all of the places are green following the rains.

  • Spice capital of India

Kerala has been regarded as the spice paradise of India from ancient times for its spice gardens. India’s spice capital is Kozhikode. Its rich gastronomic culture contains a blend of real spices. Like hundreds of tourists each year, the perfume draws you to Kerala.

For years, Europe tried hard to find a way to India’s spice capital. For ages, India was known for its spices in the European market. In those days, the spice trade was the talk of the town all across the world.

  • Ayurvedic Therapy

Ayurvedic wellness programs that provide massages and treat physical diseases are among Kerala’s most sought-after services. Yoga is part of Ayurveda, an ancient approach to mind-body wellness treatment. While there are many Ayurveda centers and resorts in Kerala, make sure to examine and investigate their validity before choosing one. Kerala tourism uses the most innovative strategies and approaches to ensure that visitors get the greatest possible experience. Try an oil and herbal massage at any resort/center for an hour or two, or choose for week–long or even multiple-week treatments.


Kerala, India’s most literate state is also known for its tours and tourism. Poets have written poetry in this state, and many writers have struggled to capture the entire grandeur of it. Its dense network of rivers and lagoons, thick forests, exotic wildlife, tranquil stretches of emerald backwaters, and a long shoreline of serene beaches, nestled between the pristine waters of the Arabian Sea on the west and the lush Western Ghat Mountains on the east make it a traveler’s paradise. God’s own country, indeed!!! The rich cultural legacy, dance forms, and musical essence are all so captivating that visitors will be spellbound by Kerala’s magical attributes.


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