Enjoy the dazzling Dubai and the mesmerizing Maldives


Choosing where to spend your next vacation can be difficult, especially when your options are so diverse. There may be chances when someone among you would be looking to visit an exciting metropolis with cutting–edge amenities and activities, while others among you want to relax and unwind on a scheduled beach, surrounded by peace and tranquility. Confused? What to do? No worries, Nitsa Holidays has got all covered in a single trip, why not take a tour to both dazzling Dubai and the mesmerizing Maldives.

Let us first talk about the Maldives

A Maldives vacation offers a picture-perfect destination to record your memories of fresh beginnings, painted in exquisite strokes of green and blue with whole new aqua and turquoise colours. This little but beautiful island has so much to offer that a trip to the Maldives from India may be the best decision you ever make! With its breathtaking beauty and legendary ecological significance, a Maldives trip package will never disappoint you.

Nitsa Holidays focuses on developing and producing unmatched Maldives itineraries from India. We combine the finest of everything into our best Maldives packages, resulting in a one-of-a-kind memory and travel narrative that you can share with your loved ones.

The Maldives, with its 1,200 islands strewn over the Indian Ocean, is one of the most picturesque destinations on the earth. This is a diver’s, surfers, and sailor’s dream, with each of the resorts situated on its own private island and offering everything from underwater spas to open-air theatres, submerged wine cellars to treetop restaurants.

Snorkeling, diving, relaxing in lagoons filled with marine life, and spotting dolphins while sipping a refreshing beverage are all options. Relax with a nice book or pamper yourself with a relaxing spa treatment before dining in elegance on your own little island.

Here is a helpful Maldives travel guide that will assist you in having a better time in the lovely Maldives without any worries. Before you fly to the Maldives, have a look at these travel recommendations. How to organize a vacation to the Maldives, as well as a few fascinating travel suggestions, are described here to help you comprehend things.

  • Don’t plan in hurry, plan according to the weather
  • Choose your ride on flights wisely and smartly
  • Get help online to book hotels and flights, contact Nitsa Holidays
  • Choose accommodation and transportation at an affordable possible rate
  • Don’t forget to pack even the small items that might be useful for trip
  • Get sim cards at Airport
  • Attention! You don’t need a visa to visit Maldives
  • Get atleast a quick knowledge of local language

Dazzling Dubai

Here is an idea, what you can do on a combined trip to Dubai and the Maldives:

With the Dubai and Maldives Tour package, you may enjoy the wonders of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the Maldives. You can begin your trip in Dubai with Bastakiy, Dubai Museum, Saga World, the Desert Safari, and more. From there, you can choose to fly to Abu Dhabi, where you have options of sightseeing like the Louver Museum and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, before finally flying to the Maldives and enjoying some of the fun water sports, beaches, including mini-submarines and many more.

Dubai is also a shopper’s paradise, with street markets and boutiques galore, and its major mall is a must see. You could spend a full day there with 1, 2000 businesses, a large ice rink, an aquarium, an underwater zoo, indoor theme parks, and 150 food outlets. Dubai has plenty of outlets to help you shop until you drop, whether you are seeking for a deal or want to splurge on designer labels.

In General

You have not specified when you will be traveling. Between June and September, avoid Dubai because the heat is unpleasant. Temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius are possible. If you wish to stop in Dubai, do it on the way back, as anything you buy there won’t have to travel both ways, which is especially important if you need to fly to your island by seaplane, as luggage is restricted unless you pay a surcharge.

Finally, contact Nitsa Holidays and start packing for one of the best trips of your life.


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