Dubai reopened for tourists from 1-sep-2021 as COVID-19 cases decline


Well, talk of Dubai and you get a bag full of tourist places. Dubai has emerged to become one of the world’s most prominent and popular tourist destinations, luring visitors from all walks of life to its shores to sample what the ‘must-visit destination has to offer.  

The city of high-rises and shopping malls. Dubai has evolved from a desert outpost to a popular tourist destination, with visitors flocking for bargains, sunlight, and family fun. The Burj Khalifa ( the world’s tallest building) and shopping malls with massive aquariums and indoor ski slopes are among Dubai’s most recognized tourist attractions.

Nearly 4 hours via air, is all you need to get some days of fun completely different from that pressurized life of 9-5. Apart from the sightseeing attractions, another thing that makes Dubai a must-visit for visitors is its affordability. So let’s take a glimpse of how and where to visit Dubai, following the safety guidelines post-COVID-19.

Why choose Dubai for a full fun-filled family vacation?

While there are numerous reasons, that would force you to choose Dubai for a vacation, we are listing down a few of the reasons, that will make you stubborn to visit Dubai for your vacation.

  • Hotels: Dubai is home to some of the world’s most opulent and elegant hotels, providing visitors with five-star experiences. Tourists can stay in various parts of the emirate as per their needs, which means that even if they return several times, they will always discover something new depending on where they stay.

 You might stay in a riverfront hotel and wake up to golden sands every day, or you could stay in Ras Al Khaimah and be surrounded by a stunning backdrop of rocky mountains and an awe-inspiring coastline.

Dubai’s numerous hotels are undoubtedly one of the main reasons for the city’s popularity among new and returning visitors.

  • A cosmopolitan way of life mingled with local customs: Dubai provides visitors with the ideal combination of a global city and traditional characteristics of local culture that too at an affordable price. No matter where you go in Dubai, whether it’s to see magnificent fireworks displays or to visit local markets, you’ll get a sense of vitality and high spirits.
  • Something for everyone: Dubai has something for everyone, from traditional eateries serving local cuisine to a plethora of entertainment alternatives. Furthermore, the emirate’s vibrant souks provide visitors a true sense of old Dubai while also allowing them to try their hand at bargaining for gifts for themselves or loved ones back home.   

Post Covid-19 rules and regulations at Dubai

 Your vacation must not be dominated by health worries and as well worries for others. To ensure the safety of its citizens, and visitors Dubai has laid down certain rules that are mandatory to be followed while you are planning for a vacation in Dubai. Given below are some of the rules to keep in mind:

  • Before leaving for DUBAI for 48 hours, a mandatory RT-PCR negative report is required. However; kids under 12 years are exempted.
  • The certificate must be signed and stamped by the appropriate approved lab and must be in English or Arabic, with a QR code on the original report. It is acceptable to travel to Dubai RT-PCR 72 hours before departure.
  • 2nd RT-PCR test will be done upon arrival

 To enjoy uninterruptedly your vacations, and make it easier and safer for others too, these rules have to be followed at any cost.

How to get some of the best experiences of your life in Dubai?

  Let’s go beyond some of the pre-set experiences in Dubai, and explore the place in an all-new way:

  • Sunset view from the Burj Khalifa: Have you ever imagined this extraordinary way to mark the ending of the day? The journey to the summit is brief, but the 360-degree view of the city and the golden tint of sunset is undoubtedly worth it! Make sure you have your camera with you so you can catch the moment.

Tip: Get in contact with Nitsa Holidays and book your spots in advance for pocket-friendly prices.

  • Skydiving over The Palm Jumeirah Island: You can skydive over a lot of destinations, but few take you over the world’s largest man-made islands and buildings! It’s a magnificent perspective, and Sky Dive’s well-trained experts will help you make the most of it.
  • Skiing in the indoor ski park: Ski Dubai is one of the finest ways to cool off in Dubai, which is scorching. You can go down for a ski or snowboarding lesson any day of the year, camp overnight, or just take the kids down to say hi to the local penguins!

 Famous Tourist spots in Dubai

  •  Mall of the Emirates
  • Ain Dubai
  • Time out Market
  • The view at the Palm
  • Nemo WaterSports
  • Laguna Waterpark

Well, you may get tired of exploring Dubai, but Dubai will still have more than hundreds of place to left you awestruck. So plan today, and contact Nitsa Holidays for your fun-filled vacation.


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