Check New Year party destinations in India


One cannot spell New Year without the word ‘party’, and when it is all about fun, food, and entertainment you cannot ignore your very own nation, India. Start your new year with flying colours that set the best tone for the upcoming days and leave you with several reasons to smile.

WAIT! If you live in India and are intending to fly out to celebrate the New Year, wait and think. Have you ever considered the areas you have never visited in your country, the things you don’t know, and the culture and traditions that you have never been part of. And believe us when we say that India has a lot more to offer than meets the eye we really mean it.

Read in Details about these Destinations

  • Goa- Party capital of the country

Goa is a wonderful spot for a holiday around New Year’s and to start the New Year with a bang in India, with cheap wine and beach shacks every few metres. If that wasn’t enough, Goa is home to a diverse assortment of wildlife, including sea eagles and water buffaloes. There are many fascinating ways to ring in the New Year, from bohemian beach parties to spectacular nightclub events! Goa, as one of the greatest New Year locations in India, is without a doubt tops the list of party planners. Everything is possible, when you are in Goa, whether its beaches, hills, resorts, cruises, or bars. And that is why it is popularly known as party capital of the country. 

  • Mumbai

Party all night! Party all night! Because it’s Mumbai. If you want to party all night, New Year’s celebrations in Mumbai are a necessity because the city never sleeps. Whether it’s a full night hotel party or a beach get-together, you will have a great time. At night, the entire city is lit up with crackers, giving it a lively appearance. You may visit historical sites and other popular sights in addition to enjoying the city’s nightlife, beaches, and good food.For a star studded New Year beginning, stay at a high-end hotel, and you may run into celebrities and Bollywood stars. Or else if you are looking for a quiet place to relax and enjoy the scenery with your favourite drink try the Marine Drive.

  • Bangalore

Bangalore, which is known for its heritage sites, parties, shopping, and wildlife, is a city where culture is cherished as an integral component of daily life. As a result, Bangalore takes every celebration to the highest extent conceivable. The town is known for tranquil affairs held within resorts, as well as pubs and party halls with creative themes and installations.

India’s technical capital is unquestionably one of the top New Year locations in the country. The lounge and pub-filled MG Road is famous for its party atmosphere, where you may spend the most of your night partying, eating, and drinking.

  • Gulmarg

If you also find yourself uncomfortable among the group of night owls and party animals, Gulmarg is for you. Some people would like a one-of-a-kind event. If you’re looking for a snowy getaway over the holidays, Gulmarg is the place to be. There aren’t many parties or rave nights to be found here. It’s all about romance and nature. If this is your first New Year’s Eve with your special someone, it’s probable that you’ll want to spend it in a traditional setting with each other.

Gulmarg is a heaven on earth. All of the snow and romantic activities are available in great condition. Try the Outer Circle Walk drive, a Gondola trip at sunrise or sunset, snow activities, and so on if you’re seeking for something different.


So, ring in the New Year in style by visiting one of India’s New Year locations. It’s difficult to select because the alternatives are so varied, but that’s the beauty of India. It all depends on the style of celebration you want for the next New Year, from traditional New Year party locations to adventure-filled destinations to tranquil and meditative settings. So make good decisions and have a wonderful new year!


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