Best places to visit in Russia


While these days Russia is getting famous for the ongoing rift between them and Ukraine, but however Russia has many things apart from this to draw your attention, and no doubt there is nothing better than offering mesmerizing places to tourists to draw attention and rule over their memory lane forever.

Russia, a country rich in unique and fantastic experiences, offers to those with a wide range of interests, particularly those seeking to immerse themselves in history and culture. The Russia Tourist places offer a perfect blend of the old and new, with colossal fortresses, grand cathedrals depicting its wide streets, an awesome and mesmerizing chain of glorious old cultural cities like Moscow and ancient gems like St. Petersburg, as well as opera centres, trendy bars and restaurants sprinkled among the Soviet-era architecture. Are you also considering a vacation to Russia in future, here’s a brief rundown of all the greatest Russia tourist attractions to add to your list?

Top Russia tourist attractions are:

  • St. Sophia Cathedral

Saint Sophia Cathedral is situated within the grounds of the city’s Kremlin in Novgorod, is one of the Russia’s oldest city. The religious cathedral is Russia’s oldest church building, standing at the height of 125 feet, decorated and surrounded with five beautiful domes. The Mother of God of the Sign, an epitome known to have protected Novgorod from siege in 1169, is one of the many historic, traditional religious objects on display at Saint Sophia Cathedral. The popular ornately carved gates of the cathedral are dated back to 12th century.

  • Moscow

Moscow, with its ethereal combination of history and modern edginess, is unquestionably one of Russia’s most popular tourist destinations. Architectural landmarks, fascinating museums, beautiful parks, old cathedrals, and shopping arcades adorn the streets of this dynamic city. To put it another way, Russia’s capital has it all! The city’s major tourist attractions include Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow’s Kremlin, and the State Historical Museum.

  • Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is not only the world’s deepest lake, but it is also Russia’s most beautiful and pure site, thanks to its mesmerizing landscapes and pristine air. It is nestled in the Siberian forests and is one of the top Russia tourist attractions. Baikal is also home to a number of resorts, making it an ideal vacation spot. If you can handle the cold, a visit in the winter is recommended, as the lake freezes forms magnificent patterns due to the presence of a lot of oxygen. Aside from ice skating and skiing, visitors can spend their time relaxing in natural hot springs. 

  • Karelia

A glacier carved up this lovely area of land, which stretches from the White Sea shoreline to the Gulf of Finland. Karelia is home to two of Europe’s largest lakes, Lake Onega and Lake Ladoga. Karelia is one of the best natural wonders, with huge lakes and gorgeous highlands. White river rafting, hiking, biking, swimming, boating, and horseback riding are just a few of the enjoyable activities available in this beautiful setting. This location also has a number of spa retreats where visitors can relax and refresh.

  • Peterhof

The Peterhof Palace is the city’s undoubtedly claim to fame architecture, despite the fact that it is home to a university and a large Russian watch manufacturing. The palace grounds consist of approximately 4000 hectares and were developed and erected in the early 1700s for Tsar Peter the Great in a style that can be said as the mimic of the Palace of Versailles.

Surrounding the palace, there are 173 garden fountains, some of them, like the Grand Cascade fountains, have special features that activate water jets when visitors approach them. Marble statues, shaded walking lanes, and even an aviary pavilion can be seen in the lower gardens, which are developed in a French formal style.


Mountains, valleys, cold areas and warm sands, and an astounding number of wonderful natural locations await any tourist to the world’s largest country. Moscow and St. Petersburg, two of Russia’s oldest cities, retain its imperial splendour, which can be seen not only in their architecture but also in their gorgeous parks, shopping malls, and even metro stations.


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