Best places and sites to capture moments in Dubai


As Dubai has reopened after Covid-19 restrictions, lading down some strict rules for visitors, travel lovers are heading back to Dubai, to explore more about the city and its state-of-the-art sightseeing places.

Even though Dubai is famous for its architectural marvels, but Dubai has many awe-inspiring sites that will leave you amazed and we are damn sure you cannot stop yourself from capturing that moment. “A picture is worth a thousand words” suits well for visitors in Dubai the city that provides them with awestruck sightseeing places.

Today, through this article we will help you to list down some must-visit photo spots in Dubai, before you start your journey for the city of marvels.

  • Bastakiya Historical District:  Allow yourself to get lost in the small backstreets, shaded courtyards, and calm, maze-like passageways of the Bastakiya district to explore this nineteenth-century neighborhood. The renovated buildings, which were built in a traditional style with wind towers, now contain boutique hotels, museums, art galleries, and cafes. To avoid tour groups, go early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Include street art in your photo or frame the Al Farooq Mosque’s gleaming white minaret.
  • Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve: Although Dubai is recognized for its innovative architecture and rich lifestyle, a trip outside of the city center will take you to an entirely different scene. You may go on a camel safari, commune with once-endangered Arabian Oryx, or go off-road into the dunes for dinner at a Bedouin camp at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, which is a protected area honoring the desert’s biodiversity.
  • Al Seef: Al Seef, a waterfront promenade with a marina along the Bur Dubai Creek, and one of Dubai’s top attractions, with lots to photograph. Vendors selling Karak tea and hotdogs, people strolling along the stream, and cafes situated in modern retails buildings may all be found here. An Arabian souk with historic architecture on the other end begs to be photographed. Wait for inhabitants for a shot that contrasts the antique structure with current passers-by.
  • Sunset Beach: Sunset Beach is the best location for capturing a beautiful sunset with the iconic, sail-shaped Burj Al Arab in the foreground. Arrive precisely in time for golden hour, and try out several shots while the sky turns orange, gold, and lavender. Because people frequently swim until dusk here, don’t set up a big camera on a tripod instead shoot handheld. Use silhouettes to add scale and a human feel to your photographs.
  • Tolerance Bridge: The Tolerance Bridge joins the two banks of the Dubai Water Canal. Its imposing arch frames Sheikh Zayed Road’s towers. Set up your tripod on the boardwalk below the bridge, a few hundred meters from the ramp on the same side as Safa Park, twenty minutes before sunset. As the sun sets below the horizon, the lights of Sheikh Zayed Road, the skyscrapers, and the bridge provide ideal lighting for a long-exposure photograph, resulting in intriguing light trails on the canal. With an iPhone, you can achieve a similar appearance by transforming a “live photo” into a long exposure.

While there are no limits to wonderful architectural wonders in Dubai, you can extend your list of places to capture images and save them for a lifetime. Every time you visit Dubai, you will always notice the city filled with awesome sightseeing places.


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