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Bali – Travel guide and tour tips

A travel guide to the complete Bali vacation, Explore the best of Bali, find the best Bali hotels, discover Bali vacation packages, bali travel guide, tour tips, bali tourism, and plan your perfect trip to Bali.  Planning for an eventful vacation but confused about where to go? Having researched a lot about the mountains, plains, and beaches around the world, now wanna try something new? So, how about a trip to Bali!! Bali is a resort island in Indonesia that owns a lot to surprise you with. Starting from its beautiful volcanic mountains, and coral reefs, to mind-blowing beaches, Bali has a lot to make your trip a memorable one. Be it a family trip or a honeymoon vacation, the gorgeous waterfalls at Bali will make you fall in love with your loved ones. Before you plan to arrange a trip to Bali, let us give you some reasons to make you sure of the plan. There are a lot of reasons to visit Bali than just for its beaches. The life, culture, history, nightlife, and many more of Bali are among its main attractions. It would be a bane to not mention the tasty and healthy cuisine that Balinese offers to its visitors. Now let us know a lot more in detail about the attractions of Bali.

Cost-effectiveness of the trip

Are you on budget and still wanna have an awesome trip? Then Bali is the place for you. Of all the Southeast Asian tourist spots, Bali is the cheapest location to visit. Here you can expect to spend the least to enjoy a happy trip. The stay at Bali is as affordable at some places as you are staying at the hostel. Tasty and healthy local food can be easily eaten for every meal at a very low cost.

Besides, the admission charges at various of the attraction points at Bali are very less but you can enjoy it a lot there. So, what do you expect more from such a budget-friendly plan? 

Beautiful temples of Bali

Bali has a very rich culture, history, and tradition. The marvelous architectural beauty of the island can be encountered via its beautiful temples. They represent the aura of Balinese culture and make you feel warm and welcoming at the place. There are over 2000 temples present in Bali which are called Pura.

Usually, before entering any pura, you are advised to wear a special and respectful dress called a sarong. It signifies respect and love for the culture of Bali. So, next time you visit Bali, get a sarong for yourself, and don’t forget to explore the beautiful temples of Bali.

Adventures and relaxations on the island

Are you an adventure lover and planning a trip to Bali? Then what can be a perfect decision than this? At Bali, you will get to perform a number of adventurous activities. Some of the activities include snorkeling, scuba diving, driving your own jet ski, and flyboarding. Besides, if you wanna test your limits of adventure then definitely you should try walking across the suspension bridges and climbing up Bukit Lemped.

Besides this adventurous side, Bali also has a lot of offers for your relaxation. Starting with its infinity pool, and floating breakfast Bali has a lot more to relax you. The beautiful resorts of Bali beaches have special and affordable spas and massages to make you release all your stress. The most attractive and relaxing part of the Bali trip is its yoga sessions. It is the most responsible factor for all extended Bali trips.

Yummy Balinese food

While talking about cuisine, Bali has a lot to offer you. Be you a vegan, vegetarian or Non-vegetarian, Bali has a variety of food to satisfy your taste buds. The tropical climate of Bali makes it capable to produce a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. So, being a vegan is like a boon to travel in Bali. The food keeps you satisfied as well as healthy. While talking about the non-vegetarian servings at Bali, you will be able to enjoy a variety of food here. Starting from Italian, Chinese, and Japanese to Indian, Bali offers its special Indonesian food as well. A special sauce called sambal is very famous in Balinese cuisine. This is served with every dish that is served to you.

Shopping and spotting

Bali is known to be the land of beaches and mountaineering. Once visiting Bali means you are going to enjoy the whole package of adventure and relaxation at the same time. The multiple beaches present in Bali offer you a peaceful environment to enjoy your days, its various waterfalls make you feel relaxed and excited. Besides, the high mountains of Bali allow you to explore the island from heights. So, there are no fewer places in Bali to make you feel bored. You can always stay busy exploring one or other spots of the place. Besides, Bali has a list of very beautiful markets. It has a lot to offer its tourists. The most famous market in Bali is Ubud Art Market. The place is filled with several artworks and pottery works to buy from. They signify the culture of the place and the beauty of its people. So, next time you visit Balli, don’t forget to visit its market and shop for the memories of your life.

Beautiful sunrises and the sunsets

Bali has some of the most demanding and beautiful spots in the country to witness the mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets. The favorite spot of most travelers for witnessing the events is the temples of Bali. From the temple top, you can see the beautiful and colorful hues of the sky during sunsets and sunrises.  Another beautiful place to witness sunrise is the top of an inactive volcano. It will show you the most hypnotic scenes in the land.

Weather and climate of the place

Bali possesses a very pleasant and tropical climate. The temperature of the place never goes beyond 30 deg Celcius. Most of the time, the place experiences sunlight and very little yet adequate rain to make the weather pleasant for vacations. Here, you should be careful to always stay hydrated as you may lose lots of water via perspiration during your adventures. Hence, the suitable weather of Bali all the year-round, makes it a perfect spot for family as well as couple vacations.

Wildlife and marine life of Bali

Bali is not all about the beautiful sightseeing, it’s also about the life living and growing on the island. Around the island in the beautiful waters, you can go for diving to witness the beautiful marine life. A large variety of aquatic life is known to be living in the waters of Bali. While, when talking about life on land, Bali is home to a number of long-tail macaque monkeys. They are mainly found on the Mount Batur of Bali. So, if you are a monkey lover and wanna spend some quality time watching their activities. Then the Monkey Forest of Mount Batur, Bali is waiting for you. After being familiar with so many attraction points to plan a Bali trip, now it is important to know how can you plan a proper tour to Bali. The best answer for this confusion is connecting with an experienced and trustable travel agency like Earth Travels. This is a Delhi-based travel agency,  serving people since 2017 by customizing their domestic as well as foreign trips.

The agency is known to provide various budget-friendly yet enjoyable travel and tour packages for Bali vacations. The various places it covers in its various packages include the most attractive spots on the island. Some of the spots include Waterbom Bali, Kuta beach, Pura Tanah Lot, Nusa Lembongan and Uluwatu. These places will offer you to witness the most of the Bali favorites and will make your trip enjoyable. Be you planning for your honeymoon or are planning for a family vacation, Nitsaholidays has some special Bali tour packages for each need. Its packages are affordable, enjoyable as well as customized as per the customer’s needs. So, now let us have a look at the various travel packages offered by Nitsaholidays for Bali vacations.

Honeymoon Packages

For newlywed couples, Bali is a favorite honeymoon spot. The place is filled with lots of beautiful temples, markets, eventful beaches, peaceful waterfalls, and forests. This serenity of the place, allows the newlyweds to spend some quality time together and harness the beauty of their new love. To help you with this Earth Travels has some special honeymoon packages to offer you. Let us have a look at them.

Luxury Bali honeymoon tour packages

This is among the most popular and chosen honeymoon package for Bali. The package includes 6 days stay on the island and enjoy most of its magnificent beauties. The trip starts with the visit to Bali following the tour and stay at Tanjung Benoa Beach & Uluwatu Temple Sunset Tour with Kecak Fire Dance, Ubud Village & Kintamani, and Denpasar City & Tanah Lot Sunset Tour.

Apart from them, you are taken to the Bali bird park to witness the beautiful bird life of the island. And at the end of your trip, you get to enjoy the most romantic and luxurious sunset cruise dinner at Bali. So, what do you expect more to make your honeymoon a memorable one? Book this luxurious honeymoon trip to Bali and enjoy the new start of your life at such a wonderful place.

Book Bali honeymoon tour packages

This is a 6 days honeymoon tour package that includes a visit to some of the prime tourist spots of Bali. The tour starts with a visit to Bali followed by a tour of Marine and South Bali sunsets, then you are taken to Barong Kintamani and Bedugul Tanah lot. Apart from traveling and enjoying various events, you get to stay in the most luxurious resorts in Bali. Before the day of leaving you are provided to enjoy the beautiful sunset cruise dinner.

So, what are you waiting for if you wanna enjoy these magnificent beauties of the island, make sure to book the above package at the soonest!!

Family Packages

Within this busy and hectic life of always running, spending some special family time is now a necessity. Every one of us is now striving to make our family bonds more stronger and worthy. So, why not plan a trip to Bali this vacation? The place is full of love and beauty and will never fail to make your family trip worthy. Some of the most loved family tour packages to Bali as offered by Nitsaholidays are mentioned below. Let us have a look at them to help choose the best for you.

Bali Gateway 5 days tour

Certain temples at Bali are considered to provide the Gateway to heaven. The most popular Temple is the Balinese Hindu temple at Tanah Lot. In this 5 days gateway tour, you get to enjoy the most beautiful temples, museums, and adventurous spots of the city. This package not only provides you with the time to explore the beauty of Bali but also the beauty of your relations with your family. You will never fail to enjoy the trip if you get it once. So, don’t wait just book your package now to enjoy a wonderful family vacation.

Amazing Bali Malaysia tour 7 days

This is an amazing package of peaceful beach life and eventful city life in Indonesia. The 7 days trip includes a complete tour of the most beautiful places of both Bali and Malaysia. In a single package, you are getting chances to enjoy dual benefits. So, what can be more sufficing? We advise you to book this amazing tour package for your next family vacation for sure. It will provide you both with time and moments to enjoy with your loved ones.

Apart from the specific tour packages for the different purposes provided by Nitsaholidays, the agency offers some other trip plans as well. Some of the most popular tour packages offered by the agency are mentioned below.

Bali honeymoon special 5 Nights and 6 Days.

Best of Bali tour packages

Bali Malaysia tour packages

Budget Bali tour packages for 5 days

Cheap and best Bali tour packages


Bali is a land full of life and culture. Its rich history, welcoming people, and mesmerizing beaches, forests, waterfalls, and volcanic mountains are the main attraction spots of the island. But planning a trip yourself to such a prime tourist location is quite a big deal. Hence, to help you in this Earth Travels has a lot of Bali tours and travel packages to offer you. Some of the most chosen and popular family and honeymoon packages are described above. So, next time whenever you plan to visit Bali for vacation, make sure to contact Earth Travels. They will make your trip both budget-friendly as well as memorable.


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