Adventure-filled trekking destinations in India


When it comes to coming in touch with nature, there is no better method than packing your bag and travelling to India for trekking. The varied landscapes that this country has to offer make it the ideal location for exploring nature while getting an adrenaline thrill.

India’s trekking destinations are dispersed across the country, but the Himalayas hold the top spot. To go deeper into the subject, we have produced a list of several fantastic hiking spots that provide travellers with unforgettable experiences.

  • Markha Valley Trek

Markha Valley is one of Ladakh’s largest valleys, and the Markha Valley trip is one of the region’s most popular hiking treks. This tough yet exciting journey begins in Leh and will take you via the Chilling, Skiu, Sara, Hankar, and Nimaling. During the enthralling ten days of trekking, you will pass through small villages and be amazed to see preserved monasteries, crumbling forts, and temples as well as the diversity of the nation. With a maximum altitude of 5,200 metres above mean sea level, one must travel 65 kilometres and pass across two cardinal passes, Ganda La and Kongmaru La. You will be able to see the endless Karakoram and Ladakh ranges.

  • Roopkund Trek

Roopkund Trek is a captivating one, with lush foliage and glistening streams running with their gushing sounds. This journey lasts approximately a week and begins in Lohajung and takes you through Didina Bedni Bugyal, Bhagwabasa, and Patar Nachauni. The hike in Uttarakhand has snowy pathways and vegetation all around it, giving it a magnificent feel, and the best time to go is from August to October.

Roopkund can be reached through a number of routes and you can choose anyone however, the most popular of which crosses through Lohajung. The trail passes through several meadows, waterfalls, and beautiful locations like Bedni Bugyal. As soon as you arrive at the lake you will be left impressed by its beauty.

  • Valley of flowers Trek

This walk, which includes various species of butterfly, endangered creatures, and a broad range of wildflowers, is possibly one of the most stunning experiences in a country as diverse as India. Despite being a mild climb, this journey is one of the most unforgettable experiences a hiker can have. Both the road and the destination are a kaleidoscope of brightly coloured flowers that enchant walkers with their stunning beauty.

  • Tiger hills

This is yet another fantastic choice for wildlife explorers inside India when it comes to hiking. The location is near Kanchenjunga, a Himalayan range. The walk is completely safe, but it will be physically demanding. Even this short hike takes around two days to complete, and hiring a guide will be prohibitively expensive.

  • Valley of flowers

Valley of flowers is more of a dreamy scene to be immersed in, with abundant flora and fauna. The vast assortment of blooms will astonish you, and the walk is great for visiting after the winter months. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with 300 different types of alpine flowers and a rich heritage of flora.

The monsoon season is the greatest time to visit because the flowers are in full bloom at that time. Ghangaria is the starting point for the Valley of Flowers hike. The Valley of Flowers, which is blanketed in the most vibrant flowers of many types and sorts, is the highlight of the journey. Marigolds, poppies, daisies, and primulas are some of the most regularly seen flowers in this area. Several therapeutic plants and a few endangered animals can also be found in the park.

Your responsibilities as a trekker

You should always respect the local customs and traditions of any country, region, or area as a trekker. Though they may fascinate you, the locals treat them with the same respect as their own. If you wish to take pictures of them, you should always ask their permission first and politely decline if they refuse. Distributing gifts and other stuff to locals is never a good idea because it encourages begging and widens the gap between residents and tourists


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